a Poem by Raquel Swann

Why do I want to wear lipstick, you ask? Perhaps it is so I can accentuate my lips and leave a mark of love when I kiss you upon your cheek.

Why do I want to wear make-up, you ask? Perhaps it is so I can feel beautiful and make you proud when you are with me.

Why do I want to wear a dress, you ask? Perhaps it is so when I finally step into the light of the sun, the bright colors will gleam as bright as my soul.

Why do I want to take hormones, you ask? Perhaps it is so I can finally appear on the outside the same as I look on the inside.

Why do I want breasts, you ask? Perhaps it is so you can rest your weary head against them and feel the warmth of my body.

What if you don’t love me anymore, you ask? That is impossible as love just doesn’t dissapear like a puddle in the sun. It is eternal and true.

What if you aren’t yourself anymore, you ask? My appearance does not change my soul or alter my character. I will just finally look like myself.

What if your wrong, you ask? When it comes to your heart you can never be wrong. I’ve waited long enough and this is something I have weighed and measured just as precise as an architect creates a design.

I feel like I don’t know you anymore, you say. If that is in your heart then you really never knew me in the first place.

What if someone tries to hurt you, you ask? This world is full of hurt and despair. I will pray for those that have lost their way and hope that someday they will return to the path of righteousness.