a Poem by Raquel Swann


Offer me the ocean but I only want a tear

Offer me the clouds but I’d rather have it clear.

Offer me everything you have but I do not want it, dear.

Your love is unwelcomed.

You tell me you understand me but it’s far too late.

I put my life on hold why should I have to wait.

You hooked me with your lies and I  just took the bait.

Your love is unwelcomed.

Your offering me compassion and you that it’s enough.

You treat me like a prisoner but I have the key you only have the cuff.

I can run away and just return all your stuff.

Your love is unwelcomed.

Then I’ll  be alone and be who I should be.

The me I could be, you need to set her free.

She loves you but it’s over I need for you to see.

Your love is unwelcomed.