Good Enough

a Poem by Raquel Swann


The fear has set in

Staining my mind with angst

Like an oil based paint

Spilled on a white t-shirt.

The worry has arrived

In a thump at the door

Like a foreclosure notice

With a fifteen day warning to vacate.

Will I be good enough for them?

Will be strong enough for them?

Will I be pretty enough for them?

Will I be stylish for them?

Them that care not for me

Them that worry not for me

Them that do not understand

Them that will not comprehend.

I, you, we, just need to be good enough for ourselves.

A concept in its simplest form,

Is as difficult as reading Sanskrit on the walls of ancient caves

But when your mind is trained properly there isn’t anything that you cannot accomplish.
Be good enough for you.

Be strong enough for you.

You alone hold the key

To a safety deposit box filled with happiness and prosperity.