A Fraction

a Poem by Raquel Swann 

dedicated to my friend Becca. 


In a fraction, a flash, a microbe,

Do we get to walk these fields

Of green pastures and concrete jungles

That were created for us by the divine

With the infinite odds multiplied

By the billions of stars in the vast universe.

That we could find love.

That we could find peace.

That we could find ourselves.

That we could find the answers.

There is but a second to search.

There is but an minute to act.

There is but an hour to enjoy.

There is but a day to live.

I have no time for false claims,

I have not the time for you to realize

How special I am to this universe.

Because at this time, in this place

I am one in a trillion. Multiplied by

The infinite number of stars divided by

The square root of eternity

I am me and

in a fraction, a flash, a microbe

You wasted your time looking ahead

While I was behind you waiting,

Hoping, wishing, wanting, knowing,

That the beauty that lives inside my heart

Could have made that one day you had

Special beyond compare.

For when my day is through

I will have not a regret. Will you?