a Poem by Raquel Swann


In the heat of Summer

There is no trace of water

My lips are parched for you

You were the water that gave me life

It is the beginning of fall

Your beauty was unwavering.

Even the colors and the wonder of the season,

Are no match for how I still feel for you.

Even in the harsh of winter

Through the desolate cold

In the middle of a Nor’easter

Somehow my love for you grows

It is springtime now

New life pushes through the thawing ground

Sprouting out of every crack and crevice

I cannot fathom it without you here.

Season by season go the days of my life

Never again to touch your flesh

Never again to enjoy your scent

Never again to taste your lips.

Never again to tell you how I feel.

Never again to see you amongst us, walking this land.

I am a hollow shell without purpose.

Wait for me, please. I am not far behind.