No Love Left

a Poem by Raquel Swann


Sharpen your dagger, sharpen your knife

The words you chose have ruined my life

To think you were the one with compassion and love.

Sent to me from the heavens above.

There is no heaven but there is certainly hell.

In the end no one bothers to yell.

Just sharp words that cut like a blade.

I basked in the sunlight, now I sit in the shade.

A darkness beheld like none other before.

A felt but a drop now the rain starts to pour.

Love, not blood, bleeds from my heart.

How could consonants and vowels tear me apart.

My love for you leaks all over the floor.

I watch it empty until there is no more.

Is this what you wanted? Is this real life?

It stabs me and stabs me until you dull out the knife.

If you wanted me dead you should’ve used a gun.

At least? I would have had a chance to run.

There’s no escape from the words that were said.

There’s just no love left in this cold, lonely, empty, bed.