Dear Future Sponsers,

My name is Raquel Swann and I am in need of your help. My goal as a transgender author / blogger is to get my name out to the world. I have already accomplished so much in a few short months. I am published in Transliving Magazine in September 2016 and coming soon to TGforum.com. I have entered three contests since May and hope to continue doing so whenever possible. The visits to my blog have doubled each month since July. I am asking for small donations ($5 / $10) to keep me going. I have laid out the following plan to show you that your money will be put to good use:

  1. Enter short story / writing contests whenever possible. I will always create new material for each contest I enter and post them to my blog after judging is complete.
  2. Turn this wordpress site into a professional grade site that will allow advertisers and sponsers to have thier links placed around my writing.
  3. Finish the manuscripts I am currently working on and pay for professional editing before sending them out to literary agents / publishers.
  4. Secure publishing for my main Title: Metamorphosis: A Transgender Odyssey.
  5. Return the favor to another transgender author when  I am able to do so. I feel that paying it forward is great for the soul!

I am not asking for money for my transition (which I have not started due to my financial position). I am simply asking you to sponser me as an author. I want to be able to take these personal matters into my own hands and make these future decisions without any pressure. I appreciate any support that you are willing to give and will continue to write and grow as an author regardless. I am a very loyal person and will find a way to repay you. Whether it be with advertising or mentions or simply being a friend. I don’t post pictures of myself due to my dysphoria, however, if this is a problem and you are serious about donating, email me at tsraquelswann@gmail.com and I will provide that information to you.

Thank you for any consideration,

Raquel Swann.