Will I Ever

a Poem by Raquel Swann


Will I ever get to be me.

Will you ever get to see me.

I hide away in shadows that move.

Creeping and crawling away from the sun.


Will I ever get to be free.

Will you ever release me.

You do a good job in clipping my wings.

Just enough to keep me at bay.


Will I ever heal from the wounds.

Will you ever stop inflicting them.



Mind your sharp tongue.

It cuts like a blade.


Will I ever love myself again.

Will you ever realize how incomplete I am.

A faceless face, a nameless name.

Lost at sea, in a fog, no hope, no return, thirsty.


Will I be better in the future.

Will you look upon me the same.

If I should return from this a complete person.

Would you then, finally, love the new me?