Volume 2

a Series by Raquel Swann

I’m awaken by the whoosh of the toilet flushing which is alarming since I’ve lived alone for the last ten years. Adrenaline releases into my body as my heart thumps against the front and back of my chest. I sit up in bed squinting at the closed bathroom door listening to rushing water refilling the toilet tank. A clank followed by a thump make me realize my worst fears. I slither out of bed like a snake straight to the carpet and crawl towards my closet. With no weapons or heavy blunt objects I squat and stretch for a metal hanger and cling to it. I’ll take this bastard’s eyes out! Strange noises continue as I wrap one hand around the doorknob and raise the hanger in the air. My hands shake and I cautiously turn the knob releasing the lock and slam the door inwards gaining the element of surprise! An awful shriek, thunderous pounding against the wall, hissing, moaning, crying, something flies out of the darkness past my foot. I gasp. I’ll kill that damn cat!