a Poem by Raquel Swann


Have you ever noticed how

Autumn winds delicately brush

The last remnants of leaves from trees

As winter takes its first breath?


Have you ever noticed how

The gleeful echoes of children playing

Delightfully remind us of both innocence and life

And just how fragile the balance can be?


Have you ever noticed how

The serenity and peace of the ocean

Can be violently disturbed by incoming storm clouds

Bringing tidings of anger and sorrow?


Have you ever noticed how

The measurement of time

Differs based on perspective

Another second is all I need, right now?


In my younger days

I longed for the future to arrive

Fast-forwarding years in my mind

Where I could finally be amongst the adults.


I wished seconds were hours

hours were days

days were months

months were years.

After my storm came

Bringing with it an unspeakable illness

I would not allow myself to drown so easily

I stared in the lightless sky knowing


The sun would shine on me once more

As the rains ceased

And the clouds evaporated

The sun brought forth healing warmth and hope.


Have you ever noticed how

Every second of each day is a blessing

Every moment with loved ones is captivating,

And life can be as beautiful as you want it to be?