Tales in a Paragraph – Volume V

I stare at the doorway and look in eight different directions. The location  wasn’t on my list and this phone app I use has been wrong in the past. You never know who will say something or what will happen. I guess my worst fear is if I waltz through that doorway, someone screams, and I get arrested for nothing. People walking by are staring at me and I feel creepy just sitting here. If I go through the other door I risk my safety, and it’s not fair. I stepped into the hallway and meandered towards that horrible blue door. The door comes in different colors but either way it turns my anxiety into a movie monster mashing down on my insides. A woman walks up behind me and says, “Don’t be afraid. Come with me, I don’t mind. Everyone’s gotta go.” My heart skips a beat, and I feel so overwhelmed by her gesture. Is this what a Trans-woman in Texas has to go through every time she needs to pee while away from home?